Indicator Value

Por Bento, Luis San Miguel
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IV of sugar colourants (Clarke et al. 1987)



Phenols and flavonoids

5,0 – 14

Fructose alkaline degradation products

1,5 – 3,2


1,0 – 1,2


1,0 – 1,5

Comparing with compounds derived from cane pigments, these compounds present a higher molecular weight and a lower colour variation, with pH. As a matter of fact, the IV of these compounds varies between 1.0 and 3.3 (Table) (Clarke et al., 1987) while colourants derived from cane have IV values untill 33 (Paton, 1992).


Clarke M.A., Godshall M.A., Tsang C., Roberts E.J., 1987, Cane sugar colorants in processing operation,
Proc. of C.I.T.S. Conf., 53-88
Paton N.N., 1992, The origin of colour in raw sugar, Proc. of Aust. S.S.C.T. Conf., 8-17


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