White Sugars

Por Bento, Luis San Miguel
Inserida em 2006-09-19    Actualizada em 2009-12-10

The main final product of sugar industry is the white sugar. This term cover a wide range of products from extra white sugar, with colours around 10 IU (ICUMSA Unities), till a a direct white sugar of 500 IU produced in sugar mills.

Refinery or Beet Factories


 Extra White Sugar

 < 22.5 IU

 White Sugar / Refined Sugar

 < 45 IU

 Semi White Sugar

 > 45 IU

Cane Sugar Mills

 White Sugar

 < 500 IU

 Plantation White Sugar

 < 500 IU

 Blanco Directo

 < 500 IU


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