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Por Bento, Luis San Miguel
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Purity of sugar products is a very important parameter to be determined mainly to control low grade crystallization step.
Edye (2002) described a new technology for on line determination of sucrose concentration in process streams. The sensor is named SRI wide purity probe.
The absorbance reading on SRI probe is converted in sucrose (%) through a conversion equation obtained from linear regression analysis of experimental data.
This probe has a linear response between 0 - 70% w/v sucrose, a relative standard error of 0.35% and is not affected by temperature. However mud in juices affects probe reading.Cleaning by back wash flush with hot water  or caustic must be necessary.
In beet industry application, betain can interfere with sucrose measurements.


Edye Les A., 2002, The on-line determination of purity in sugar manufacturing
process streams, Proc. of S.I.T. Conf., 2002,paper # 815


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