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On heating surfaces of evaporators, vacuum pans and other heating equipment some compounds in solution can precipitate forming incrustations or scale. This scale normally has a lower heat conductivity than metal from the equipment and heat transfer will decrease as scale forms. To minimize this problem periodical mechanical and/or chemical cleaning is necessary. This is a great inconvenient as the equipment must stop for cleaning. Therefore,  capacity decreases or extra equipment is necessary.

Major components in scale of cane sugar mill evaporators are (Rein P., 2007; Doherty, 2000):

- In the first effects:     Calcium phosphate (first two effects)
                                          Organic matter-protein, polysaccharides (first effect mainly)

- In the last effects:     Silica (last and penultimate effect)
                                         Calcium oxalate (usually in last vessel)
                                         Calcium magnesium aconitate (last vessel)
                                         Carbonates (mainly in penultimate vesses)


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