Sugar Curiosities - Mark Twain

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How mark Twain described a sugar cane mill:

 "The process of making sugar is exceedingly interesting. First, you heave your cane into the centrifugals and grind out the juice; then run it through the evaporating pan to extract the fibre; then through the bone-filter to remove the alcohol; then through the clarifying tanks to discharge the molasses; then through the granulating pipe to condensate it; then through the vacuum pan to extract the vacuum. It is now ready for vacuum. I have jotted these particulars down from memory. The thing looks simple and easy."

In "Life on the Mississipi", Chap. XLVIII.

The first time I saw this description was in a International Sugar Journal from the fourties of last century. The curious was the question marks made with a red pencil on the page margin...

Brevities-Mark Twain, Sugar Technologist, Int. Sug. Jour., Vol. XLVIII, Jan. 1946, N.565, pg.27

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